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Anyone interested in custom long travel

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hey everyone, i have an 02 fronty and when i first started making my truck all baja racing out pre-runner i needed a long travel suspension. not to many companies out there doing that for nissan frontiers. there was TC and SLR and they both cost an arm and a leg. Found a shop "if you live in Cali" that does phenomenal work at a fraction of what the others would charge. i am running 16" of travel, using 2.5 king coils and 2.5 king double bypass, complete custom built upper and lower chromoly boxed arms... my trucks front suspension is one of a kind for a fronty and rides like no other. i will post pics up soon. would love to see more frontys out there in the dezert
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Too bad I'm in GA!
Good to hear, cant wait to see some sweet pics!!!
You still planning on posting pictures of this rig, xtremefrontier??? I've been waiting for MONTHS now!!!
welcome man, good to hear. I'll eventually be doing some custom stuff later on. Im in so cal too, orange county. What's the name of the shop you went to. Can't wait to see some pics.
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