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Anyone in Portland with a 08 SE, AT, CC, LB? Local shop needs to see radiator.

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Disreguard. I will be going there in person on friday 6-4-10.

I am having a custom aluminum radiator built at a shop in Portland.

I am currently still working on this project. and will post the group buy feeler, and all of the details when I get all of the information.
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I don't know yet the year model part variations on the radiator, so using the same truck as I have, would be the obvious choice.

But I intend to do talk to Nissan, and research the model and year differences on this part, this week.

I have already done some product, and manufacturer research.

If no one volunteers to swing by there by this Friday, I will take a day off work and go there myself.
Thanks. I decided to go there myself on friday.

It is not easy to get good parts information from some Nissan dealerships.

It looks like all of the trucks with the automatic transmission, and the VQ40DE 6 cyl. engines. Have the same radiator part number, from 2006-2009. Nissan part # 21460 EA215.

There is some conflicting information, but maybe the 2004, and 2005 are the same also.

And all of the 6 cyl frontiers from 05-09, with manual transmissions share the same part number, which is different than the automatic part number. It will probably fit, but not for sure.

Will have a good idea of what they can do. More details to follow.
So here’s the deal with the radiator for anyone that is interested.

The radiator I had them look at is the 2008 Frontier, SE, AT, CC, 6Cyl, LB, Tow. This should be the same part # for the 06-08 6cyl automatic. I’m sure he can build one for the MT for the same price. They should be almost the same.

After the custom guy looked at the radiator, I found out that it is going to be more expensive than anticipated. But at least they are willing, and capable of custom building these radiators for our application. And now they are familiar with the situation.

I am considering keeping the stock radiator, doing the bypass, and running an external fan powered, thermostat controlled tranny cooler.

The high price is due to the high cost for the aftermarket core, and because of the complexity of the fabrication involved in matching the stock design.
It would be even more involved to invent a new design, and mounting system.

I am not going to post a group buy feeler, since each of these would be a custom hand built one off. And they are offering the lowest price they can already. Most people aren’t going to want to spend $1300 on a radiator.

Here is the price breakdown and options.

New 1.5” HP aftermarket core- $500.
8 Hours labor and parts/materials- $675.
Add tranny cooler- $125.
Total $1300.

A person can opt for not adding the tranny cooler, and save $125.

Also, they can build this radiator off of a new OEM stock core for $110. This would save you $400 over the HP aftermarket core. And they usually the OEM radiators in stock.

The $1300 radiator would be a stronger overall design. Using thicker than stock, core tube wall thickness, fin thickness, and tank material. And a 1.5” thick core instead of the 1 3/8” thick stock core. And a stronger, larger, and more efficient internal transmission cooler.

Parts and materials include; billet fittings, stock sized radiator cap filler neck, stronger atmosphere controlled furnace brazed cores, reinforced channels / endplates, 5052 aluminum fully hand heli-arc / tig welded tanks, and stock mounting.

The company is Mac’s Radiator in Portland, Oregon. This is where they do all of the custom work for any of their shops.

The guy I spoke with is Sam. He is in charge of the custom weld shop. They are a legit company. And they offer a warranty on all of their products.

Custom Radiators
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