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Anyone in Portland with a 08 SE, AT, CC, LB? Local shop needs to see radiator.

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Disreguard. I will be going there in person on friday 6-4-10.

I am having a custom aluminum radiator built at a shop in Portland.

I am currently still working on this project. and will post the group buy feeler, and all of the details when I get all of the information.
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That is what I have but I cannot make it there by Friday. Besides any radiator for the AT should work. From what I can tell on the courtesty parts website the radiator from 2005-present is the same radiator just the shroud and some of the mounting brackets changed some.

Check out this link for more info.

214 Radiator, Shroud & Fitting :: Exhaust & Cooling :: Genuine Nissan Parts :: Frontier Parts (D40) 2005-2010 :: Nissan Parts, NISMO and Nissan Accessories -
Wow that is some serious $$$ for a radiator. One thing to think about if you are doing the bypass mod is that is does get cold enough here that in the winter time your radiator helps to warm up your tranny fluid. It is just as important for your tranny fluid to be warm enough in the winter as it is for it to be cool enough in the summer.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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