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Anyone have ordering experience with mynissanparts?

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I ordered step rails on thursday 1/28/10 and I was told the rails would ship that afternoon. They did not ship. So I called friday to inquire when they would ship and I was told they would ship friday afternoon and I would recieve an email with tracking info. According to their site my rails have not yet shipped. I called thursday before I ordered to check stock availability and the guy told me they always stock step rails for immediate shipping. Is this site a scam site? Let me know how your luck has been with them. I regret not using courtesyparts. A little more expensive but they got their s*** together.
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Sorry, only used west covina here...
cancel your order, I will sell you my steprails.
Give them a chance to ship them. Things do happen and your isn't their only order. Sometimes things I ordered appear at my house but never showed in tracking.

I actually ordered a few things from them. Step rails, a Retrax tonneau and iPod adapter, but its been a couple years. I remember having a bit of a delay similar to what you are having and I actually got the wrong iPod adapter and they shipped a new one pretty quickly. The guy that used to manage the website sales used to be on this site, but he left shortly after. I had to escalate, but once I got through I got things very quickly. Apparently my order went in and it was right around when they were going through some management changes or something like that. So there was a bit of concern, but they did get things straight and the prices were pretty good so it was worth it to me.
Reno the offer is very tempting. Clint I realize that I am not the only person with orders waiting to be shipped, but if you were told that they would be shipped same day and weren't, would you be concerned? I did call back the nexy day and was told they will ship that afternoon as well, so I expect results when I'm told the same thing to days in a row. mm I appreciate you letting me know that and it does help. Maybe tomorrow will bw my day. Thanks guys.
When I buy things online I'm using a credit card so if I don't receive the items the credit card's bank does a chargeback and I don't pay anything.
Sure you're not getting the item but you're not paying for anything either.
It can be frustrating but you have the uppper hand.

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