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Anyone have any experience with these?

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Ive been wanting to get some grille guards for my 2016 CC, and Ive looked around at a lot of different types. There was a specific look I'm going for, and based on that, plus cost, I found this one. Its a Steelcraft 54090. Just curious if anyone has any experience with this particular brand or even specific model. Just want to get a few opinions before going ahead and spending the money. One particular thing that also drew me to this one is that they make a set of taillight guards that would work for the back, and I can be a little OCD when it comes to things like that. But it's not set in stone...

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I put a steelcraft on my 2012 SV. Didn't need any spacers. Was challenging but installed myself. Then I wrecked my truck. The body shop replaced the grille guard, but let it rest on my bumper and it has worn slightly on the bumper cover. It should fit with no issues though. Just connect the bolts on the bottom, leaving them slightly loose. Then lift the front of the guard up and attach the grill brackets. Leave them slightly loose. Position the guard how you like it, slightly off the bumper cover and tighten the bolts little by little, ensuring it's even and how you like it.

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