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Anyone have a front bumper they don't need?

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G'day all,

Someone :)censor:) has backed into the front bumper and cracked my number plate cover and the part the number plate screws into. It seems to be separate to the bumper itself.
Part number is 96210EC400 and costs over $200 from Nissan!

I was wondering if anyone who has fitted a bullbar had one laying around they were happy to part with.

I'm happy to travel to save some $$. I live in South East NSW.

Flying Mick:twisted::twisted:
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Take a pic of the bit you need and post it or email me with it.
I am putting a bar on mine soon and if I can save the bit you need you can have it for postage if you like.

Ya have to cut the lower bumper off when you fit a bar so I am not sure if it will work out but give me a picture and I will tell you for sure.

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