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Any trany guys out there?

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I have a 2001 Nissan Frontier SC v6 auto KC. 100,000 miles and trany is got a seal leaking from the bell housing. Pump seal. Question? If I run the engine with allmost no trany oil in trany will it ruin the trany because the main shaft still turns, or does it not turn and no harm can come? Would you pull it out stick a new seal in it and put it back, or replace it for $2000.00 with a rebuilt?
Anybody know the trany part number? trany was shifting fine before the seal went.:comphead:
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Don't run it with no or way to low fluid! Other than the leak, how is the trans doing? Strong, shifting well, etc.? If the trans has been giving me no problems I would pull it and clean it up, change the seals, front and rear, drop the fluid while its out, clean or change the filter, drain the convertor and put it all back together. It is not a real hard job to do, if you are handy do it yourself and save the bucks.
I have good News and Bad News

The leak was complete, I mean it pours out. I can't keep fluid in it and run it. This truck has been sitting for about a year now. Don't I have to run the engine to keep it from internal rust? I don't see how I can get it out with out removing the torsion bar support. It's a 4x4 so there is no room to backout the trany/transaxle as one unit is there?
There has to be a way to remove the trans. You are going to have to remove the driveshafts to start and then probably disconnect the Tcase and then the Trans but it is possible.
What's this?

After pulling all the stuff off around the trany, I finally got to the 4 bolts holding the converter to the flywheel. Now Here's the kicker. The last two days I was running errands and was not home. The starter was out and the bolt was visible but only accessible with a small wrench. Guess what? I turned the crank to the next bolt to remove it and it was gone. Turned to the next one, it was gone, turned to the next one, it was gone. So three of the four bolts are missing. Possible it could have kicked around a little and squeezed by the starter and is hiding behind the converter. I noticed when I ran the engine I heard bang bang bang like it was one cylinder. Could have been the bolts. Anybody heard of this before? Bolts falling out from the engine side of the flywheel? This could explain why the converter/pump seal leaks or one of the bolts cut a hole or cracked the converter. Check back in a few days to get the report. 4/16/11
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Might want to change the title of this thread. Just sayin haha
Might want to change the title of this thread
Was thinking the same thing:laugh:
I avoided it until now though.

Hope you get it all straight OP.
No pun intended
At least I now know I'm not the only one who was questioning the title when I read it.

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