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Any one here pull a gooseneck or 5th wheel trailer?

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Hello Guys,

I maybe in the market for a new trailer for my business and toy hauling.

I currently have my truck set up with air bags and my 7k trailer with weight distributing hitch with e brakes.

My current trailer weighs 2200lbs empty.

I am looking at a new trailer which will be at least an aluminum 7-10k trailer with brakes which only weighs 1800lbs empty.

But I have thought about a gooseneck or 5th wheel with bed sliding hitch.

I think the truck will pull one these easier than a bumper pull.

But the down side is loosing all the covered bed space that my undercover lid and bed has to offer.

Any Ideas or opinions please?
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Hello Guys

Thanks for the reply's. I do have frame hitch on my truck.

With my current set up my truck pulls fine, but because my empty trailer weighs so much it cut into how much I can put on my trailer.

I do not intend to haul loads like this one all the time other wise I would have kept my Titan. I had a 5th wheel slider setup in my Titan for a camper I pulled 26ft.

I have been pulling loads like this for the last 20 years, If you equip a truck and trailer correctly and have some common sense and drive safely it's not a problem. I guess those 3 years I drove semi truck when I was a teenager have really helped.

My main reason for a new trailer is because it would be aluminum and weigh less empty and would be better gas mileage when I haul our 2 ATVS for instance.

The price difference between a 7k and a 10K is only 400.00. I if I by one I would like to get the extra capacity of a 10k even though I can not pull 10k behind my Frontier. The weight difference between a 7k and a 10k aluminum trailer is only 2-300lbs and would still be less than my current 7k Steel wood deck trailer.

I am going to keep my frontier for at least another 4 years. I like my fronty because it drives like a car and smaller than the Titan, but really gets no better gas mileage than my Titan did.

I think my next truck I am going to go back to a Titan if Nissan is still making them.

Nissan is going to have to increase fuel mileage across most of their product range in the up coming years to meet the federal mandate for fuel mileage. I do not recall at the moment what that is but I think it's in the range of 25-30 .
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