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I was trying to see if there would be any interest in t-shirts for the Frontier crowd? I have a source to make them in Dri-fit for a reasonable price. They can do cotton as well.

The concept would be as follows: It would be the front end of the Frontier and the verbage "You are never too old to play outside" on it. I am going to use this logo as the starting point and will put the truck where the guys are sitting at and have where is says Benchwarmers Racing would say "Play outside" and the ring would say you are never too old" at the bottom change it to say "mud, sand, crawl, camp" What do you'll think of that?

Option 2 would be to start with the logo and have the verbage around the ring, get rid of the Benchwarmers racing Team all together and put a Nissan logo across there.

The Dri-fit would be around $25 shipped and PayPaled in the lower 48 States.

The cotton shirts would be around $22 shipped and PayPaled in the lower 48 states.

I am currently having some other shirts made by them for Nissan event that I am helping with in TX in May.


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