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any hypermilers here?

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I was just curious if there are any hypermilers with fronty's? If so what kind of of mpg's can u pull? I am mostly interested in 1st gen ka24de 5 spd as that is what i have. I wouldn't consider myself a big hypermiler altho I have a scangauge 2 and use some mild hypermiling techniques... My best is only around 25... I thought that I would do better as I heard some people have gotten 30...
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If you're only getting 25 mpg when hypermiling you probably need a tune up. Expect ~$100 in parts for a good engine tune up. I ordered all my parts from for under $75. This included an Air filter, Fuel filter, Spark plugs, Wire set, Distributor cap, Rotor, and PCV valve.

I also changed the engine oil to Pennzoil platinum 5w30 synthetic. I drained and filled the rear diff with Amsoil 75w90 Synthetic GL5 and the transmission with Amsoil 80w90 GL4 Synthetic. The transmission definitely shifts a lot smoother with the amsoil fill. I don't have any grinds between shifts, which I had with the stock Nissan fill on cold mornings.

I consistently get 28-30 mpg. I drive about 70% highway 30% city. The single best thing I got for increasing my mileage was a ScanGauge II which is incredibly useful not only for monitoring mileage, but for scanning for codes, checking various engine vitals, and having a great trip meter function. I also just put an awesome horsepower program on it.
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