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any hypermilers here?

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I was just curious if there are any hypermilers with fronty's? If so what kind of of mpg's can u pull? I am mostly interested in 1st gen ka24de 5 spd as that is what i have. I wouldn't consider myself a big hypermiler altho I have a scangauge 2 and use some mild hypermiling techniques... My best is only around 25... I thought that I would do better as I heard some people have gotten 30...
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Ya thats way more extreme than i get... i just do some coasting in nuetral, turn off engine at long red lights, shift at low rpms, and accelerate slowly... haven't taken it on a roadtrip yet tho
only if u do it to semis
coasting in gear is better if for only a short dist and your rpms are above 1700 rpms or so when the injectors open back up... in nuetral you can coast for a much longer dist and do it on hills and such whereas leaving it in gear will slow you down much faster... and downshifting is not a recommended for higher mpgs... it also wears your clutch out faster...

like i said i don't draft semis either... that is extreme hypermiling and a good way to get yourself killed if they have a blowout... and i agree that tailgating is for a$3holes unless the person is interfering with some good coasting I have going ;0
I get 25 mpg in mixed driving, like clockwork. 28 to 30 on the hwy at 65 to 70 mph. No special tricks, I use 5w30 Walmart oil (which, by the way, is nice clean oil).
Hmmmm... well i haven't done a road trip since i got my truck so all my driving is mixed at right around 25 mpg... i wonder if doing all that tune up stuff would help... i'd hate to spend the money and not get any higher mpg's... prob just do stuff as needed... i only have about 40k mi on it

2004 KC 2.4 liter 5 spd
hypermiling is a combo of numerous driving techniques in an attempt to net you the highest gas mileage that your vehicle is capable of getting... yes coasting and not speeding are a couple of the techniques... turning your engine off at long red lights (idling kills mpg)... bumping up the psi's on your tires... accelerating slowly and shifting at low rpm's... running a lighter weight synthetic oil... using cruise control...

there are many others and it is basically what u make of it... these examples are some of the things i do and would be regarded as mild... some people go extreme and draft semi's on the freeway (not me)... its definitely not for everyone tho... i used to drive really fast and challenge myself on how good of time i could make (lots of speeding tickets)... now i shoot for my best tank mpg... i figure money is tight so why spend more of it on gas than i have too
Yep - sounds like it... from what I understand 20 mpg is pretty good for the V6's
remember he's got a 4 cyl
does anyone with a 4 cyl 4x4 try for good gas mileage??? what do u guys get... also i was kind of curious about what kind of mpg's the desert runners get when people try
and did u notice a bump in mpg's?
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