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any hypermilers here?

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I was just curious if there are any hypermilers with fronty's? If so what kind of of mpg's can u pull? I am mostly interested in 1st gen ka24de 5 spd as that is what i have. I wouldn't consider myself a big hypermiler altho I have a scangauge 2 and use some mild hypermiling techniques... My best is only around 25... I thought that I would do better as I heard some people have gotten 30...
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I average 20 no matter what I do
Man, you have an '04 with only 40K on it? I have an '02 with about 97K on it. Granted I bought it with 60K on it already, and drove to Cali from Oklahoma once, and have been to Illinois and back twice, and Kansas.....

Will you explain hypermiling though? Is that just putting it in neutral when you can coast w/out losing much speed, and not speeding like a bat out of hell?
I guess I'm a mild hypermiler myself. I almost never shift above 2,000 rpm. I can tell when the people behind me don't like it, but whatev. I coast in neutral up to red lights from as far away as possible. I don't usually speed either. I keep my tires at suggested psi though.... about 38. I run 5w30 oil.... but that's factory right?, yeah, just the mild stuff.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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