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???Any Aussies that have fitted a Titan Swap to their Navara's???

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I'm looking at getting the 4wd titan swap kit for my Nissan Navara and was just wandering if anyone has fitted one or if it is even possible. I'm not to sure how different the the aussie navara is to the american frontier(appart being LHD). I know i could get hold of prg and ask but i'm just interested if there is anyone out there that has done it???

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^^ That is my thought. I didn't think AUS guys could modify their vehicles without an engineers report which would cost a bit of money.
Then the only difference that I could think of is some Navara's are missing the welded tabs in which CAM bolts rest against so setting the correct alignment specs may be a little hard.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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