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???Any Aussies that have fitted a Titan Swap to their Navara's???

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I'm looking at getting the 4wd titan swap kit for my Nissan Navara and was just wandering if anyone has fitted one or if it is even possible. I'm not to sure how different the the aussie navara is to the american frontier(appart being LHD). I know i could get hold of prg and ask but i'm just interested if there is anyone out there that has done it???

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Nah it wont be legal but its not going to be my main car and i'll throw some rubber flares around the wheel arches. I just really dont want to go a bracket style lift
Titan swap still only give you about 3 inches of lift..

but he can fix some of that with the PRG uppers.
I thought it lifts it up 4-5 inches or is that just the 2wd kit?

According to this post by PRG is does state the 2wd kit lifts it by 4-5 inches but it doesn't say how much you get out of the 4wd kit. I just asumed it also lifts 4-5 inches
Man that is complete crap that you can't lift your truck without someone else having their say but I guess if it was like that here we would have all the broke crap that we do on the road.

If you did just a Titan swap how would they know? Tell them it was a special order. As far as I know you can't get in trouble for factory stuff.
Yeah thats right, but thats the risk you take for modifications and having sick looking trucks.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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