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Anti-Lock Brake Control Module

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Ok guys, I am not a wrench head by any means. So, can anyone tell me where this beast is located? Mine went out, I know this because I went to my local dealership and had a diagnostic test done. They wanted like $1200 to replace it. I found a place in Tx that you can send it to and they rebuild it.

So if someone could snap a picture or something, I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks
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under the hood, 2 brake lines going in, 4 out, and a big plug with like 14 pins

Sits in front of the master cylinder, this is all from memory and I am old but should be close
Have you looked in your owners manual yet, most of the time they will have diagrams of where your control modules and such are located.
just fallow the lines from the master cylinder to it.
The Module Is The Black Box Bolts To The Abs Valve Block(vb Has Brake Lines In And Out. Unbolt The Assembly From The Fender And Brackets, Whatever You Need To Remove The Small Torx Bolts From The Module, Do Not Strip Them. Unplug The Electrical Connector, As You Pull Up It Slides Back And Off, Its A Cam Lock Connector. Slide The Module Off The Valve Solenoids(split Straight Apart). Do Not Disconnect The Brake Lines Or Youll Have Alot Of Fun Getting Air Bled Out Of The Brake System. If You Have To Get A New, Or Reman It Will Have To Be Programmed To The Truck At The Dealer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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