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Antenna Help

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I am going to change the radio in my 2010 SE 4 X 4 (it has the factory radio with a single cd).

My problem is the way Nissan connects the antenna. Can anyone tell me how to connect up the antenna wire (with the existing plug) to a new radio. I also believe the antenna wiring also has power (power amplified??). It's a mystery to me!!!!

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So let me ask (because I have seen adapters here), the adapters that I've seen are female with the old style male antenna plug that goes into the radio with another (blue) wire. What is the blue wire for? Doesn't the antenna wire in the truck (the one that currently plugs into the factory radio) have two wires?
i have not seen an adapter with a wire on it. let me hunt one down.

the blue wire is for a power antenna. i dont believe the frontier has a power antenna. you should be fine with not connecting it.
Cool. So I should be able to get the female adapter, ignore the blue wire and plug the old-style, male plug into the new radio? One all new aftermarket radios still have the socket that accepts the one on the adapter? Seems to me I saw a Pioneer headunit that didn't have the socket - have you heard of this?
yes, all the aftermarket radios i have dealt with have all had the standard moto plug.
Terrific!! Thanks for your help.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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