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Antenna Help

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I am going to change the radio in my 2010 SE 4 X 4 (it has the factory radio with a single cd).

My problem is the way Nissan connects the antenna. Can anyone tell me how to connect up the antenna wire (with the existing plug) to a new radio. I also believe the antenna wiring also has power (power amplified??). It's a mystery to me!!!!

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you need an antenna adapter, available at any car audio shop or online. no power to it.
i have not seen an adapter with a wire on it. let me hunt one down.

the blue wire is for a power antenna. i dont believe the frontier has a power antenna. you should be fine with not connecting it.
yes, all the aftermarket radios i have dealt with have all had the standard moto plug.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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