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Another wheel question

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Hey guys

Looking to do a few things to my 04 CC. Got a 3inch body lift coming in and I've been searching for some new wheels for it. Never really had experience in shopping for new tires so I'd like a second opinion on fitment. From what I understand a 32x11.50 tire will fit a 15x8 wheel. I'm pretty sure those would be the correct wheels, but I just want to make sure the tire would fit. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

ProComp All Terrain Tire 32x11.50 R15

Cragar 3975860P - Cragar Soft 8 Wheels - Overview -

It's only 2wd so I'm not really looking to take it wheeling, just give it a better look.
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it should fit but you might have some rubbing. I would personally stay away from a BL and run a SL as your a CC you have the 4x4 suspension. Also 33s will wreck your steering with out upgrading it.
Ok so something more along the lines of
Pro Comp Xtreme Mud Terrain Radial

I'm trying to do everything under 2 grand, which why I was opting for the BL, but I'd rather have a quality suspension lift over a body lift. Whatever is best for the truck. I'm planning on a cat back exhaust, white tonneau cover, and a few other small things (safari bar, fog lights and a few interior things, but that can come later). But if I can get wheels/lift for under 2grand I'ill be happy.
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