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I just purchased another set of tires from you guys. I have my own machines and do a large quantity of tires on the side.
I think I have purchased from every supplier on the net. Recently I put a set on my aunt's truck that I purchased from you. As I was balancing I noticed that one tire was not true. Even though it was a Sunday I called them up and told them my situation. The guy on the other end (who was American and very friendly) said he would have one on the way Monday and told me to just run the bouncy one until the new one came in. It came in a few days later and also came with a shipping label to send the bad one back. It was a great experience and one that sticks with me as I purchase tires.

Thanks for the great service and prices.

Now if i could just get a volume discount...:)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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