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Another Oil Leak

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Ok guys, I just fixed one oil leak on my new to me 2000 Crew Cab 3.3. And that was the oil sending unit. Now I just noticed a leak right at the rear of the oil pain / rear main seal. Which of these are more likely the culprit at 92,000 miles? Hoping its just the oil pan. Any way to know for sure? Looks like this may be why the original owner was running 10w40, I just switched it over to 10w30.

***Update, looks like the rear main seal is a common culprit, and that even replacing, will still leak after time. I found a product call Permatex Spray N Seal that you spray around the outside of the leak. Anyone ever used it?

Thanks for any and all help guys!
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Well, 4 years later...........I searched for the same issue, leak @ the sending unit.
Probably will need to replace the device after 208k..
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