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I'm on my second Frontier, and wouldn't think about owning any other truck. The first was a 2000 Extended Cab 4 cylinder 2WD which had 200+K troublefree miles on it when this last winter made me snap.

It was a great truck, but one 12+ snow after another up here in the mountains finally wore me down. Having to put chains on just to get in the driveway and shoveling for 4 hours to get out the next day drove me to the internet, and to a dealer in town.

I'm now driving a 2006 Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 NISMO and it's great to be able to get through snow without stress. Of course, being used to 30+ mph in the 2000 made the first couple trips to the pump traumatic, but the extra power is worth it.

Glad to be here, and will be asking a couple questions in the near future.
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