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another new guy...

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Hello Frontier people! I am a proud owner of a '10 Pro4x. Look to be on here from time to time.

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Welcome to the club!
Any plans for the truck?
have a few plans already completed:
black powdercoated 18" LE wheels w/ 265/65 Blizzaks
Truxedo lopro cover
Weather Tech digital floor mats

In the future:
HID FX-R retrofit
maybe Nismo exhaust or tuner...
How do you like your tuner and Revo 2s?
Welcome to Club Frontier.

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How do you like your tuner and Revo 2s?
Love 'em both. The Revos are some of the best A/T tires I've ever used. Great wet traction and it was a night and day difference between them and the stock BFG Long Trails when it came to snow and ice. Don't really have any true off road experience with them, just gravel/dirt/mud roads around where I four wheel, and they handle that stuff just fine. The tuner is worth the money just to remove the wide open throttle restriction alone. With the tuner and the intake it's almost like driving a different truck. Just need to upgrade the exhaust to finish it off.

In the future:
HID FX-R retrofit
maybe Nismo exhaust or tuner...
This list is really short but don't worry, we'll help ya add things to it that you didn't even know you wanted.
what? do want to take off the nismo wheels and put on le wheels?:wtf:
Nice, I'm in the market for some new tires for the 18s when the weather warms up.

And I know exactly how these forums have the power to influence, here is an attachment of my last ride with the help of


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I know it seems a bit odd but here are the pictures of the progress already.

Blizzaks are seasonal

what do you think?


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truck looks great.
Don't get me wrong I like the le wheels in black but I the nismo wheels more.

Are you going to lift the truck?
maybe, havent decided yet. i like stock now but might check and see what a nice coilover 2-3in lift from PRG will look like. I'm not high on cash right now and i'm satisfied with what i'm currently running.

i have done an 8in lift on an Expedition w 37s and not sure if I want to go that big again with this truck...

Im sellin the pro4 wheels in another thread.
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