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I have had my 2005 Frontier LE KC for about 7 weeks now. So far all I have done to it is
add the mud guards which are painted white to match the truck. I also had the front
bumper and the outside mirrors painted tomatch the truck. I also had a Gentex
auto-dimming mirror and compass installed.

I currently have a Foldacover bed cover on order, it should be here in a week or two.
I am thinking about putting an aftermarket exhaust on if I can find one that is only
slightly louder than stock and quite a bit deeper sounding. The truck has a nice
little growl to it now and I just want to hear it a little better without getting too loud.

This is the 8th Datsun/Nissan that I have owned and the 3rd pick-up. I sold a 2000
XE to buy this one, as the 4 cylinder was just not enough power for me. This 4.0
engine is definitely better.

Glad to see this site and I plan on visiting here regularly. Thanks to those who have made this site available.

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