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Hey guys...
just found this place in my search for all things frontier.

I am the proud new owner of an '06 Nissmo.

This is something of a change for me because i am really a die hard taco fan, and i have had my 91 4runner since... well 91.

but i have been so impressed with nissan the last two years that i had to get one for myself, and when the dealer nearby had the exact one i built online, well it was fate.

I am really trying to keep her stock for as long as possible, by which i mean i build a to-do and wish list every night and hit cancel. haha its torture.

I did build a rack system for the bed, which is pretty cool, since now i can have storage AND put my tent in the back.

Anyways just wanted to give a shout out. im sure ill be lurking on here more and more often..

pix to follow.
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