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Another dash rattle thread

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I have a rattle somewhere in my lower/center dash that is driving me crazy. I know how tired everyone is of these problems, but if anyone has any advice on what to check or could point me in any direction Id appreciate it. Here are the symptoms:

1. Doesnt rattle in park, only in D.
2. Rattle gradually goes away as I accelerate, comes back as a come to a stop.
3. Doesnt matter if the engine is cold or warm.
4. Sounds like a suppressed M4.
5. If I apply pressure forward on the shifter, the rattle dissappears.
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Cmon Guys.. Any ideas where to start?

Ive read through all the threads that came up in a search, alot of this problem, but no solutions. Also, as I read in other threads, when I apply pressure to the dash, the rattle stops.
As many of us as there are with this problem maybe we should band together and make a group complaint to Nissan. I am sorry to say I have no fix as mine does it too and its brand new.:censor:
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