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another a/c problem

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The a/c in my 2000 fronrier blows Arctic cold air.My problem is the clutch on the compressor is starting to slip and making a loud metal to metal screech. Its not the belt. My question is can I replace the clutch or do I have to replace the compressor.I havnt been able to find a clutch on line.
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RIP out all that extra crap. More power, problem solved! You have a split window in the back? Roll down the sides and pop open the back! the poor mans a/c 3/65 baby!!!
I've had my 1st gen '02 for a little over 4 years now. I've used my a/c maybe 5 times? And I live in New Mexico. It gets hot in the summer. I still roll them windows down.
Awww hell no,man this is Augusta Ga. The summer gets 100+ with 90% hummidity,and when it rains the windows fog up. Thanks any way.
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