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Another 4wd conversion

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Okay so I need some assistance, I have a 1998 single cab 2wd frontier with the little 4cyl 5speed , I already cranked the torsions, and have it Sitting on 33s and 12 wides, I have ran that setup for about 4 months now, and I am getting tired of not having 4wd and getting stuck, I am not wanting to do your general conversion, as it is not my dd, I have some Dana 44 axles that are setup for leaf springs and I would like know what you guys would recommend for transfer case options, I’d like to keep it a 5 speed but I am not against a transmission swap, I just don’t know what’s out there, I’ve been trying to so reasearch and have come up empty on a lot of it
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More cost effective to buy a 4x4 then to convert.
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More cost effective to buy a 4x4 then to convert.
I mean your possibly right but Finding them trucks in a decent condition in the good ole state of Oklahoma is pretty hard to find so I’m kinda trying to work with what I got and do something that I haven’t seen or heard of, I really just need some help for transfer case ideas like I know I could probably make a divorced case work but I’d have to get it on my lift to really see if it would allow since the transmission goes back quite a ways
If you are going to a solid axle it would kind of make sense. I would look into getting a transmission with a transfer case attached. For th 4 cylinder I would think a of the hardbody trans would also bolt up.
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