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Amp hook up to stock HU problem

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Hooked up my amp today and was not turning on. Battery wire is good and fine, however I am pretty sure my problem is with the REM wire. I have it wired to the green/blue wire on back of radio. Is this, or is this not the wire i connect my amp to for on/off power?
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do a jumper from rem to the battery wire terminal of amp to verify that the amp does turn on which would indicate that the rem wire is incorrect. It always amazes me that people will make connections based on wire colors off some diagram without testing and verifying yourself that the wire is correct. ya 99.9% of the time the diagrams are correct but personally i like to use the diagrams as a guide to locate wires then verify with my meter that the wire is correct.
A basic multimeter can be bought for under $5 and is a safer alternative to a test light.
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