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Amp hook up to stock HU problem

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Hooked up my amp today and was not turning on. Battery wire is good and fine, however I am pretty sure my problem is with the REM wire. I have it wired to the green/blue wire on back of radio. Is this, or is this not the wire i connect my amp to for on/off power?
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I thought about tapping into the console power, but tap the brown or black wire? Also I have it tapped into the green and black wire on the HU, is this the right or wrong wire? Or do you feel that I would be better to tap into the console. Also forgot to mention that on that green and black wire I also tapped in a FM modulator, maybe with the two it is too much for the wire.

My amp never turns on the way I had it. Cause of the REM wire or bad amp?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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