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Amp hook up to stock HU problem

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Hooked up my amp today and was not turning on. Battery wire is good and fine, however I am pretty sure my problem is with the REM wire. I have it wired to the green/blue wire on back of radio. Is this, or is this not the wire i connect my amp to for on/off power?
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Grab yourself a test light. Looks like a screw driver with a long cord on it so you can ground it. then turn the key to on and poke the wire with the test light. If the test light lights up then you found a good wire and its a problem with the amp. If the light doesnt turn on then go wire by wire until you find one that lights it up and try hooking the amp up to that and see how she works. Thats just how I'd go about this I'm sure someone else will have some insight. Good luck
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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