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Amp hook up to stock HU problem

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Hooked up my amp today and was not turning on. Battery wire is good and fine, however I am pretty sure my problem is with the REM wire. I have it wired to the green/blue wire on back of radio. Is this, or is this not the wire i connect my amp to for on/off power?
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the easy solution is to just tap into the power port in the center console. it only has power when the ignition is on and the remote turn on doesnt require but a few millamps to activate so you can still use the port to charge cell phones or whatever.
you would need a test light to check which wire to use. that will make it a lot easier. as zoomzoom said, try a jumper wire from your main power wire to the remote and see if the amp turns on. if it does then the remote wire is your problem and not the amp. remove your remote wire from the amp first so you dont risk back feeding the system.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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