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American Racing Baja 16"x8"

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Hey all,

I was searching the forum for the info on these wheels and could not find anything. There were other American Racing rims discussed but no info on these. Any has experience with these?

I know that the hub is different diameter, but I found the right size hubcentric rings. the back space is 4.5" and these are +0 offset. Will they work on a 2016 model SV?

Thank you for all the info
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I was looking at those too and ended up getting similar revolver-style wheels (Mamba M17's with the same offset and backspacing as the Bajas). Even though the bolt pattern matched our trucks I still had to get 1.25" wheel spacers to clear the break calipers, I think these you'd probably have to to the same. I was cool with that though, it ended up looking nice but you'd have to do a lot of melting/trimming of the inner fender to get the wheels to fit with the wheel spacers on.
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