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American Outlaw ShotGun 17x9 -10mm - Confirmed

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Those with a 6" lift may want to check this wheel option out. We test fit this wheel on a stock 3rd Gen. These wheels cleared the brakes and would be a great lifted Frontier wheel option. As you can see the offset is a negative "-" 10mm. (17x9 with -10mm offset = 4.6" BS) This pushes the wheel out beyond the fenders giving the truck a wide stance. If your truck is not lifted this wheel is still an option (If you don't mind them sticking out beyond the fenders), however, wheels with this low of an offset will restrict how tall of a tire you can run.

Link to price and availability: American Outlaw Shotgun 17x9 -10mm offset

Pictures of Test Fit:

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Yuki has those wheels has Gen2 Frontier and look really good.
Those look really good!! Looks funny without the tire though, lol.
ah those would look perfect on my truck! lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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