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Altima to Frontier Engine Swap?

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Need to know, what is the difference between the ka2.4de in the Frontier and the Altima? I've heard various things but can never seem to confirm.
Is there anything that keeps the Altima engine from being used in the Frontier?
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THe long blocks are most likely the same. The intake/exhaust manifold are different. You can get the block and swap over all of your bits.
Some more reading results in this. THe Altima uses a KA24DE-A. Won't work. You can look for a 240SX based KA.
Nissan KA24DE (2.4 L, DOHC) engine specs and review (

I use to have a hardbody with the single cam KA. I have a soft spot for these motors.

Nissan KA24DE – Complete Engine Guide | 180sx Club
differences in the ka24de engines from different years? - Nissan Forum | Nissan Forums (
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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