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Hey everyone, i finally have time to fill this sh!t out. Well here's my fronty experience so far.
The first vehicle i bought was a used '98 fronty 4x4 manual 4banger, picked up in winter '05. I bought it in alaska where it's been through many trails for winter fun! I pulled a douche move and let a friend of mine drive it and he basically thought it was a racecar and burned out the clutch.

It was my daily driver and i couldn't go to work so i had to quit the job to fix the thing. With help from a chilton's manual and some air tools i dropped the tranny, and fixed that sheeit. Then i moved from AK to seattle and drove it all the way to oklahoma city, with no problems on the way. Anyway, this thing is pretty much stock and has saved my *** many times. Currently has 167,050 miles on it. Lookin to get some body work done and a new paintjob in the next year or so.
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