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Almost new owner from the PNW

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I've have finally agreed to a deal for a 2003 SE 4 wheel drive long bed with canopy from a private party on Craigslist and I am pretty excited.

I have been driving a Lexus es330 since 2012 (except for two years while I lived in Europe) that I inherited from my grandmother when she got too old to drive. It is a great car but does not fit my lifestyle in the least. I am selling it to my mother in law when the truck becomes my daily driver.

I have been looking into frontiers for months now and this was the third I had inspected. Although a few issues were found, non were major and I was able to negotiate a good deal that'll leave money in my pocket after a thorough tune up.

I'm looking forward to owning a truck again, my only other was an '81 VW rabbit pickup. I love tiny trucks but with a growing family and work as an ironworker, I needed something that had a little more room to roam.

I know that an older trunk with more miles will force me to become more familiar with maintenance, which i have little experience with, so I hope that this forum will be able to help me with my future endeavours.

I'll update with pictures once I have the truck in hand this weekend.

And thanks!
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Welcome to the Club. Those 1st Gen trucks are solid workhorses. A little bit of TLC and they just keep ticking along.
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