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Almost a new truck!

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Well in the last week I have had a new radiator, fuel sending unit, tranny, and belt put on truck. I put the belt on myself last nite and totally eliminated the squealing...Next thing to fix is the left front speaker. I think its blown cuz it sounds distorted and cracklin..I just ordered a pair of Pioneer TSA6963R. I put new brake pads on back in the summer so after I get the speakers put in I should be good to go for a while...HOPEFULLY!! Thanks for all your help and suggestions/comments.
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Hopefully these repairs were covered by warranty?

Well some of them were under warranty. I had the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Had radiator failure which screwed up my tranny and radiator. And within the week my fuel unit went out. The tranny was covered other stuff was not. I ended up payin $1250 for new tranny, radiator, fuel unit, flushing all the lines, and new belt. Guess it could of been worse. But i feel good about having truck in good shape again.
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