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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a Frontier now and while I haven't decided on one for sure, but I've got one lined up and wanted some expert opinions before I pull the trigger. I'm looking at an 06 LE CC 4x4, Red Brawn, 42k miles and I think I can get it for $18k. Just wanted to see if you guys thought that was a decent price or if similar Fronty's can be had for a much better deal.

I tried reading through the " thread, but most posts in there are people buying new, which obviously I'm not. I figured since all of you are new/recent owners, this would be a good place to ask...

Ok, so the details of the truck:
06 LE CC 4x4, Red Brawn, 42k miles, $18k
(auto, RF stereo, step rails, roof rack of course)
cloth interior
manual seats
traction control
hill assist
tonneau cover
bed extender

I know according to Edmunds and KBB this is a good price...but that's not alway representative of real world. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

Hopefully I will be a proud owner come this time tomorrow.


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