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all that is metal

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2004 ex kc 4x4

custom light switch panel above the cd player, cb mounted in the spare jack location.

front and rear bumpers
roof rack
15x8 black daytons
blacked out headlights

before the maddness got ahold of me

then i got my rack on

after the rack went on i thought it needed something mean on it

then it needed a back bumper to go with it

after that i needed some sliders

and here is a few more

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wheres that cb mounted?
behide the drivers seat in the spare jack location and the mic is mounted right above my seat belt ajuster
where did you find the roof rack to fit a king cab?

Enough lighting to go vampire hunting in the evenings!

Looks good!
i used a yakima rack then mounted the roof rack on top of it but im abt to take it off and exo the cab. thanks houdini
:eek:ops1: i thought we were gonna rock. thread title was kinda misleading:laugh:
im thinking abt building some and selling them if time allows me to.
Wow that thing is sexy! I love the rack and all the lights :)
check out cedric build thread on the 2nd gen. thats kinda how i want my bumper to be. maybe make some sort of winch plate in the center so i can mount a winch thought.:)
some new metal and some new tires

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Nice :) Still love your rig. One of your pics was my background for the longest time until I got obsessed with Jeep's :p
a few pics of whats to come

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nice, what kind of axles are those for the SAS?
i went with ford 3/4 ton axles dana 44 up front and dana 60 rear. couldn't pass them up for 200 bucks.
update on sas

sry no pics but heres what i got goin on.

front axle is almost done just waiting on a piece of dom for the steering.

the rear axle is done as far as paint and leafs still have to make leaf spring hangers and shackles.

still need to pull the rear gears and see what the ratio is. I really dont wanna put a new lsd in the d60 if its below 4.56. the front has 4.10 as of now but it will change soon.
if it ends up being an lsd 4.10 and down carrier id be interested in it if it doesn't work for you
Well it's yours if it doesn't work for me. One ? For ya. on your brake setup did you use the brake booster or whole set up out of the dodge 1500. And you weren't kidding abt this not being cheap.
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