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Took my '02 Desert Runner out early this morning to help my son move, and just got back.

Truck performed beautifully... I really enjoy driving it.

I use a fuel-tracking app and the trip over I got 21.14 mpg. Not bad at all for a VG33 w/auto. Granted that's on flat terrain, with cruise on, but also with the a/c engaged. Cruise control really does help in the mileage department on these trucks.

I plan to install a few upgrades to add some creature comforts. Mirror with OA temp and compass, new head unit with nav, factory foglights, and a leather wheelskins steering wheel cover.

Already have Neosupreme seat covers, they are a nice update for a 14-year old interior.

I really do prefer the 1st-Gen's over the current models (and I had two of the 2nd-Gen trucks). Even in 2016, I think the styling is great. And the interior is classier IMHO.

Next exterior project is I'm going to POR-15 the entire chassis, or at least every part of it that I can get to.

So just a Hey! out to all the other First-Generation owners out there. Let's keep 'em on the roads for a long time!
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