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Alignment-Uneven tire wear

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These tires are obviously shot, but all 4 are worn just about the same. Supposedly, my alignment is fine, but tire wear says otherwise.. I'm thinking positive camber and toe in?

Stock suspension - passenger front tire.

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How long since last alignment? One good pothole can knock things off. Your assessment may be right. I wont pretend to be an expert, hopefully others will chime in. I'm having same issue to a much lesser extent. I've had 2 alignments in about a years time. Ea. time they've said the camber was just barely off. Nissan said it was so close to perfect they didn't want to touch it. They also said the uneven wear was do to my lift. I now get it done at a shop familiar with adjusting aftermarket control arms. So far it doesn't appear to be getting worse.
Its been 3 years, but my truck only has 23k miles on it. So it has probly been driven 10-12k miles since the last alignment. I'm also wonder if, because the truck sees mostly inner city miles with lots of turning, and little highway, if it could be contributing to the excessive outer tire wear.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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