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Alignment shop vent and LCA recommendation

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Just got back from the alignment shop and could not be any more mad! I called and talked to the guy and told him I needed an alignment and I have the cam bolts and if I should install them before taking them. He insisted I let him install while doing the alignment and he could get it done all in one shot, for the $70 alignment, ok cool! Well I get there cause he calls to let me know the vehicle is ready. I get there and he says his "top of the line impact" could not get the bolts out and was only able to do the front 2 and the 2 on the rear were seized in. "I even sprayed it with WD40 we need to cut the arms" LMFAO!!!! No big deal I'll do it myself with the right tools and some PB! Not WD lol. So ok Ill pay the $70 for the alignment. Nope hes trying to get $210 for his two hours of labor trying to get out the cam bolts and only able to get two in. Also he stripped my bolt on lower front strut and had to replace it. I don't think an alignment required the strut being removed. Can someone chime in on this? Of course I got P!$$ed and told him straight out hes smoking D!*K he freaks out and asks me why and I tell him thats not what we agreed on. Long story short threw him a hundred bucks and left! So he gave me the paper to where he got the alignment as close as he could. Now I have seen that we sometimes do have to cut the arms out, can you guys point me to a good replacement? I see them on rock auto for about $70 a piece
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All my OEM bolts were seized so I cut them out. I used the RockAuto arms with "upgraded" ball joints and PRG cam bolts. Been about 15k miles and not issues
I may be buying some used arms here soon. Altho my alignment doesn't seem to be so far off

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