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Alignment and suspension changes

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I posted the below in the general forum but haven't received a response. Maybe I posted in the wrong sub-forum? I'm hoping this more specific forum can give a response.

I'm planning to change my struts and control arms soon. I have KYB SR4202 struts and the instructions say they should be allowed to settle, but give no guidance on time/ mileage or distance (height). Is there a rule of thumb for how long they should take to settle or how many inches they should settle?

Presuming I have to drive or wait a while before alignment to let the struts settle, and I want to change the control arms at the same time as the struts... can I drive a while with new control arms installed? Or do I need to change the struts, let them settle in and then change the control arms and take it immediately after to get an alignment?

I have an '08 Frontier 2WD. I plan to get new tires just before the alignment as well.

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Your best bet would be to do all the work at once, get it aligned, take it back in 30 days to have the alignment rechecked.
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