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Alignment and offroading

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Do you have to worry about alignment after going offroading? Just curious...
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I would bet your old car was front wheel drive.

Some shops will sell an unlimited alignment deal. They are expensive, but not as expensive as getting an alignment done every 6 months.

I got one from a Goodyear shop for $295. Sometimes I went in once a month. Other times only once every 6 months. It really paid for itself.
Front wheel drive vehicles are notorious for being out of alignment. Since the power wheels are also the steering wheels, they get tweaked very easily. The mechanism is rather fragile.

Fortunately, a 4x4 vehicle has a transfer case and not a CV joint. This allows power and steering without the fragility of front wheel drive vehicles.

Just to be clearer, when I did get my alignment done once a month, it was barely out. Wouldn't even have caused poor tire wear. I just did it cause I could. And I felt better after pounding the truck on rocky trails.
Jojo, where is a CV joint? I know mine has one Universal joint, but I haven't seen a CV joint anywhere.
jojo, I think if you remove those boots you will find universal joints, not cv joints.

outlnder can you post a pic of your front driveline? only one u-joint?
Sorry about that, I was referring to right after the differential. I did not include the one at the wheel.
You're probably right. I haven't seen a covered U-joint.

This just proves how good the Frontier is!
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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