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Hi guys, I had an account years ago which appears to have been deactivated so I had to create a new one to post this.

Anyways I have a 2014 Pro4X now and just received a letter from my dealership about a recall for the side curtain airbag ACU(Airbag Control Unit). I have seen a few posts on the forum over the years about people running into this issue. Check out the attachment for the full letter but the cliffnotes version is that they are re-calibrating the rollover sensing software to prevent premature deployment while offroading. As an added bonus it sounds like they are offering reimbursements if you have had your side airbag deploy unexpectedly and had to pay for it out of pocket.

Not sure exactly what years/sub-models are affected but figured i would post here for anyone who may have gotten their frontier second hand and missed out on the notice.

Will post this in the General area once my account is fully activated.



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