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Air raid cold air intake new in box

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I have not installed this intake yet ...still in the box untouched,
I am selling my truck so it's got to go :(
if anyone is interested I will sell it for $150 reasonable shipping included
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Bump... if you still have this in a few weeks I might take it off your hands. I just spent too much on new HU and tweeters to get it right at the moment though.
What type of payment do you accept. I'm still considering it. I wanted to wait a while to buy more mods but the temptation is getting to me :lol:
I havent used my paypal in quite a while either. I'll try and log on to mine sometime and see if its still active, lol. I guess you could consider it sold. Just see if you can log on and then give me your info so I can send payment and maybe we can work out the details from there. Thanks
1 - 4 of 16 Posts