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OK guys so I've been looking at rims for my truck after I do my titan swap and I am trying to narrow down what the hell I want to run. I know I want a deep dish so I know I will have to run a positive offset to get a deep dish but keep in mind guys I will be running a 2 inch spacer in the rear to match up the front for my titan swap. OK with these in play here is what I'm having issues with and maybe someone can explain it

According to our stock rims (or mine at least) I have gathered the following things about my truck

Stock Rim Size

Center Bore
66.1 MM

Wheel Offset
-24 MM to +35 MM

The rims I found have the following specs

Rim Size

Hub Bore
72.6 MM

Wheel Offset
+20 MM

OK So I know that the center bore and the hub bore of the stock rim are different but will these bolt right on with no issues? Also I know one showed center bore and the aftermarket showed hub bore I'm assuming these are the same thing? Again any insight is greatly appreciated and if anyone knows if these will fit please let me know. Also what is this backspacing? Not sure what it is on stock but the back spacing for the aftermarket wheels is 5.29? Comment if anybody knows anything and I appreciate the help

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