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Aftermarket Radio Upgrade Opinions please

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Greetings all and thanks. Reading these threads has been a big help.

Install is done and one goal is not met. I am happy with what I have so far.

2010 Nissan Frontier LE long bed Crew cab.
Pioneer AVH4200NEX installed. Sounds Great. Integrates with my android just fine.
Using OEM antenna for XM, all good.
Installed and programmed Metra Axxess ASWC-1, latest firmware and confirmed with tech support wiring and programming good. Talked to support twice. They were responsive and seemed very confident. I am 66 years old and have been in tech my whole career. So have some level of understanding.
Did Bluetooth bypass.
Volume up does seek back and volume down does volume up. I tried reversing wires before I called in. That just reversed the wrong results to different controls. Support said all I could do at this point was clean the controls on the steering column. I told them that they worked fine on the OEM setup. They said the OEM setup had much greater tolerance for resistance anomalies from dirty controls. I guess that is possible.

My hope is some of you with experience can give me some feedback.

1. What is your opinion?
2. How do I get to the controls to clean them safely?

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I used The one from Cruthfield. Thanks. I am from Iowa so I suppose a lot of humidity could take its toll on the steering wheel controls. At least we know it can work from your experience.
Can anyone tell me what the proper procedure is to get to the contacts for volume up and the rest so I can clean them with some contact spray. I don't want to experiment. with airbags involved. Thanks.
Thanks, appreciate very much.
Thanks Mfed and raine
This is a very interesting reply. Since at this point I don't truly know what it would take to clean the controls except $200 at local dealer. I think I am interested in trying the PAC unit. The metro is were I can get to it without pulling the dash again so a question. I believe i only used 4 wires. Two wires for the resistor control matrix and ACC 12V plus ground and grounding one of the wires from the OEM harness. In this case any chance I can use the same wires for the PAC?


I used Scosche NN03B and watched the video on youtube explaining all the wires on the new radio. It all made sense when I wired it together.
I also used MicroBypass. Support manually had me step though the programming and auto programmed as well. They said the results prove the wiring was good. He also asked me what color and pin about all the connections and was as satisfied as can be without being here that wiring was good. Right or wrong, it is what they said. I upgraded the firmware plus tried the soft ware to program. The software did not help because it does not allow you to change volume up or down and that is where the problem was. I am with you on the controls as the Nissan guys said they never have issues with them on OEM stuff. I do believe in my searching on the web that a couple of threads said the resistance was fixed after cleaning. Im just not sure what kind of a job it would be to get to. I would not shoot cleaner in through the controls because it probably would not get to where it needs to be and might get to where it should not be. (Air bag).

Not sure what I will do next. It is hilarious how I am a creature of habit. I hit the controls going down the road out of habit and end up changing sources instead of turning up the volume.

I really appreciate these excellent replies.

Thanks again.
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To all

You are blowing me away with incredibly useful information. Thanks.


I will keep your pictures and hope I do not have to use them. The pics of your car, Awesome.

Now i have a news flash to share.

I previously had done my programming with a windows program on an old MS surface tablet. This time I used and android app and it seemed quite a bit better. It only interacted with the controls in a very crude way. I could get volume down to be volume down or volume up by programming seek? The other buttons were uncontrollable. I was getting tired and reset the device (did that many times) as a last shot. low and behold Volume up and down worked, the two phone buttons PTT button changed sources and the hang up button did nothing. The seek buttons (two on bottom) changed presets when on radio. I took a quick shot at making the phone buttons work without success yet. I came in and looked through the paper manual of the radio to see if it supported the commands. Could not find so will pursue on line. I think I may outlast this problem. Cant thank you enough for the great responses.
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