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aftermarket items for re5ro5a

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i wanna know what everone is running as far as modded auto trans. anyone got a built one from ipt? also who has plans for beefing up there trans? im thinking about a nice rebuild. seals, clutches and steels, and deff a repromgramming kit. so i was just wanted to see what everyone has and what they think of it.

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x2 on levelten i had them build my tranny for my z, they did the works and it was bullet proof, never had a problem with it. i had them do switchable pressure for the shifting so i could have nice easy shifting when driving around and and the firm precise shifting for racing. if i was just cruising at 40ish and had it on race shifting and put it to the floor it would down shift hard enough to just roast off the tires if i had my streets on. and they set it to go all the way to my raised redline. when i was at the road course i still used the slap shift obviously but if i went to the drag strip i could just leave it in drive and it would hit every shift perfectly everytime. i think mine wast one of the first that they did way back then and i think they have even more and better products now. so that just gives you one more company to look at. not sure where you are located at but they are in new jersey
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