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after market headlight ?????

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I'm getting all the parts together for my Titan conversion glass, and I need to get head lights.. They will get beat.. like red head step child beat.. Like runnign whoops in the dezert when it's 100+deg out beat.. So I don't want cheap lights that will fall apart.. but I do want to strip all the chrome off my truck.. and I think this will be the last of it. So what is a good brand?
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Dude, I dont think there is one. The $150 ones on ebay....are the same ones I bought that were $300+ because they have HID's in them. I looked like crazy when I got mine. All I could find are the ones with the blue LED's either on the top or bottom, but basicly the same quality.

Sorry to rain on your parade.

Oh, and when you gonna show us your truck? That rat ranger is cool, but not frontier cool! Hahahaha
there is a build thread.. and what ranger? My avatar is a Navara..

yeah that is what I figured.. I don't want blue HIDs, but I can change out bulbs if I need to..
No, I must of said that wrong. My lights are white and pure. It has little blue LED's that are in the light housing. Not in "the light its self". BUT everything in thos lights has induvidual wiring. So if you dont like them, then you dont have to wire them up. I was 50/50 on it. So I wired them to come on with the turn signal. The halo's are the same way. Dont like'em, dont hook'em up. So if you wanted to, you could have normal looking lightes, that are blacked out, with a projector in it.

No other stuff if you dont want it.
Wow, I really thought that was a rat ranger. It looks like a mid 90's ranger. Hahah

Here is what mine look like.

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